Final Day

This is the final day of this class, it’s really strange because this has been going on for so long. Working in groups is always challenging, but we managed to make good time on our project and we got a lot done every time we met up. I’m going to be honest, I have not kept up with the blog at all, I find it really hard to remember to do these kinds of things. I’ll summarize the project in this post.

we settled on the party animal idea and went along with that. The first thing we worked on was designing the object. We checked out the build site during class and made a model on the computer of our building. While we were doing that, we worked on the storyboard. We spent most of the next class working on shooting scenes for the video. I was one of the actors, and acting is kind of challenging. I managed to do it somehow. We finished up shooting the rest of the video after class in the residence halls. It was fun using all the stuff animal props, and we even made some slight changes to the story board as we were shooting. After the video, we decided to work on the object. We already had it designed on the computer, so we bought some Masonite, cut it down to the size we needed, and took it over to Thinkbox. Luckily, one of my group members had some experience with the laser cutter, and I looked up some information on it. Although we still needed help with it, and it took a while waiting to use the laser cutter and cutting it out. As we neared the end of the semester, we started our report. We worked on it a bit in groups, but since we had it in docs, we could also work on it individually. We started building and gluing the walls, painted the base, spray painted the building, and decorated it with furniture.

Im not very keen on working in groups, but we did well. Going to the Thinkbox was a new experience, and shooting the video was fun. I’m very happy with how everything came out, and the class wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


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