3D Printing love it or hate it

So after my 3 3D printing experiences I say that I am fascinated with the process. The 3D software is tricky but once used to I have not many difficulties as long as it doesn’t want to crash. The 3D printing itself is very easy to use with the help of the tutorial from thinkbox and then if  you are able to do it multiple time one would get the hang of it fast just like I did. I like how 3D print you can literally create anything most of the time. One exception in this project for mine was the threads jimmy helped me with that we’re created unfortunately the 3D printer could not do that fine of a job to it. It wanted to but just couldn’t. So I hacked the neck of and glued the neck of spray bottle onto the 3D printed one. This 3D print bottle with the spray cap hold water and spray effectively so overall I call it a success and I am very fond of 3D print and what it can do for me.


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