Combined Blog

This blog post consists of a couple weeks worth of hard work and sweat…


Actually this won’t be to long..

Going a few weeks back, we came up with the idea of the Artist Block. We started to dig deep and found the true meaning of what artist block is. (Same as writers block but art). Our team came up with a finished logo, app details and a sick presentation of the Artist Block and what our App looks like.

I found out how to make an app and what you need to have to create an app but due to time crunch, it would be impossible to showcase our app on the iTunes App Store. SO Pey created the lovely app in a presentation that describes what the app is and what it features.

This week: the presentation is completed, our think box design is ready to be printed, and the video is in progress. Our team also finished up with the screen write and now editing the video so everything flows great. Voice overs will be coming soon…

Be prepared for the best presentation and video ever! ūüėä


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