Update Laser Cutter

Update on Laser CutterWe will probably do both cutting and etching. The program we can use to create the design is illustrator, however they recommend CorelDraw most reliable illustrator has “dozens of quirky bugs”. We will need to find wood that isn’t warped(1/4in cupped max). I have seen that they have a limit on how many items we will do. “More than 10 of your item”(considered mass production). It also warns us to not use leftover wood from the wood shop, and instead look at “trimmed laserable leftovers bins” or we can also buy materials there if needed. Once we have the wood we will have to measure 

Max 36inx24in (Epilog legend 36EXT)
Max 48inx 24in ( Universal ILS12.150D)

Depending on which device we will use, when using illustrator we need to make the document the same size of the work space. (Landscape)RGB&300 dpi 

For illustrator 
Cut: 0.001 line (job type: vector) 
Etching: anything greater than 0.001line(Job type: raster)  
– design must not be on the edge 0.05in away . 
– Check with a person there if the design is good.
I did my best to look at the app and how to work it with illustrator. So hopefully I will we of help. The machine explanation part was tricky. They did say multiple times to ask someone there because I might mess up the machine.


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