Thinkbox hell

Game plan party animals is a go. Wednesday we built our battle strategy, each person gets a task. My task being setting up the things that need to be made at think box. No big deal right I already need to be over there for another classes project anyways. So sure yea not a problem who cares two birds one stone right? Wrong. The thinkbox and I are not on good terms at the moment. I decided to go in on the day I only have one class, good thinking and time management right? Weeelllllll let me tell you! Every other person was there too! I got to the think box at around 3:30 spent 30 minutes to an hour finishing up my vector cut to send to the laser cutter. Then asked an employee if she could help enter me in the queue and send my project over. She sends it over, all is good yea yea blah blah. I ask her if that put me into the queue she says yes so I’m like cool right on. About an hour passes then I realize you have to get up and MANUALLY put your name into the queue! So I end up leaving the think box finally finished around 9. It only took me about 10-15 minutes to cut my actual project… And that’s my story of why I hate the think box and tight time restrictions that also intersect with other classes.


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