sup yall

In class on Wednesday, we were hard at work coming up with fancy new ideas for our Artists’ Block™.  We decided to ditch the idea of the physical block and switch to just the app instead. When we all sat down and thought about it, the block really served no purpose if the app existed. We believed that more people would catch onto the idea of an app on a smart phone they already own, rather than a box/cube thing that displayed a quote. Our app is now interactive: 10 quotes are accessible daily by tapping on the cute lil block on one screen, artistic challenges are located on another, and a community dashboard is now available to compare completed challenges and gather inspiration. A logo and app icon were created, and our plan is to print out 3-D forms of each in the think box during our next class.

**also group pls forgive me, I forgot to draw a lil smiley face on the icon’s “block”


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