We Dive In

As my roommate stands by the microwave, preparing chili for himself, I sit idly at my desk, thinking. Pondering. Dying. “What is community,” Jimmy Kuehnle asked but a few days ago. I don’t know. Do I look like a sociable person? I have eight Nintendo Amiibos™ and two anime figures of the same character lining the window of my dorm. I stare outside and think of the kooky adventures me and my group TeamCle/We’re Not Detroit had. I’d recollect for you all but I am literally lazy and am going to take a nap soon. What we decided to do our project on was the art community of Cleveland. We must compress all of our information into one concise PowerPoint come Wednesday, October whenever. I was assigned the job of “make shit look nice”. And so, my journey begins, into the depths of Charette Collab and Google Slides.


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